Monday, 6 August 2012

Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe by Hels

Gooooodly Morning SnazzyFans! I am here with my first project for July - using those GORGEOUS Graphic 45 papers and stamps from the Old Curiosity Shop range. Please do take a few moments to check out all the amazing art that the team has made using these products - just scroll back thru the posts to see them all... believe me, you will be missing out if you miss them. Also, HERE are the deets for the monthly competition - you could score yourself some scrummy G45 goodies too!

On with my creation: It is a blank wooden housey shaped thing that has been lurking in my stash for several decades, gathering dust and all that. Well, it just popped into my conciousness as soon as I saw the papers and stamps. I thinks to myself "I could use that wooden housey thingy that has been lurking for several decades...." I reckon that you would not actually need this shape to make something similar though - you could use a Configurations box or a Printers Tray if you fancied.

I started by painting the inside of the compartments with Traditional Tan paint (my fave paint and colour) and once this was dried, I painted the front and outsidey bits with Pitch Black Dabber - using a small brush to apply it to the smaller bits. Once this had dried I sanded it all back to reveal patches of wood and then used Gathered Twigs DI, blending it into the grain of the wood to make it look old.

Each compartments has got a base of G45 papers - they are all just so lush and the colours are so me, I was in a dither which ones to use! The harlequin is my favest so that went into the top section - I added in some snips from the papers, glued onto cardstock and shaped and then stuck to the box with a fold of card - like a prop. The butterflies were glued onto Clearly For Art and then cut out, edged with more DI and then heated (from the CFA side) and then placed inside the compartment with a smidge of hot glue to hold it in place.

The next compartment features some bottles - these are stamps from the set - stamped in Jet Black Archival onto Clearly For Art, dried, cut out and then heated and shaped. The one at the back of the compartment has a lady inside it - you need to click to see it closely though (rubbish camera skills!) The fancy glass bottle is an ancient one from my stash and the other one is a Corked Vial.

Compartment three has a flying pig - another snip of paper, glued to card, cut out, edged and then popped onto a fold of card so he can fly thru the air. The Corked Vial has another bit of paper on it - legs in a bottle... and there's a little steampunky charm and a really old vial that is also from my stash.

Compartment 4 sees a jugged butterfly - well, it is captured inside the Corked Vial... poor thing, he didn't suffer though because I popped Alcohol Ink into the bottle first so he had some nice fumes to sniff (yep, lost the plot)

The rest of the compartments were all filled in the same way and to finish, I added more butterflies to the box and a brass dragonfly. Oh and the eyeglass - this is another relic from the stash box too... it is a proper one too but could I get it to photograph properly? No!

Anyways, I shall away... As ever, thanks for looking..... TTFN!

Hels x