Saturday, 21 January 2012

DT Project #5 by Minxy : Featuring:

:7 Dot Studio 'Dreamer' Collection

Well here I am with my final project of the month.. It's been an amazing intro to the team and I just want to thank everyone for the warm welcomes, support and kind comments.
So I mentioned yesterday that today's project was somehow related to the book I made.. 
And now you can see how!
It's a cute little bag to home your little book. This makes the perfect little gift for someone special.
So how do you make said bag I hear you cry.. Well you CLICK HERE and you'll be whisked off to another of my videos where I show you.. that's how!
The bag in the photo above actually turned out to be a bit small once my book was all filled up so in the video I give correct measurement to make a more fitting size bag.
And after the video I jazzed the new bag up a bit, with a few of the 'dreamer' collection stickers.. which by the way if I haven't mentioned before are a really good quality, nice a thick. I outlined each sticker with an oil pastel and rubbed in to blend the sticker into the background.
So that's it from me.. Don't forget to pop back in a day or 2 when the lovely Astrid will be sharing more lovely projects to inspire you. And then there is a little challenge at the end of the month which you won't want to miss!
So till next time..Stay Inky