Monday, 7 April 2014

DT Project #1 by Minxy

Featuring Teresa Collins 'Save the Date' Collection.

Hay Snazzy Gang
Boy these rotations seen to come around quick, I can hardly believe we're in April!!
Now for my first project I wanted to steer away from the whole 'wedding' thing
and this is what I came up with.
This is step by step so you can make your own if you want.

Start with a kiddies 5½" Square 6 page hard book, remove all the printed surfaces.


Cut sections from the 3rd, 4th and 5th page. {any size you like as long as you have a decent edge to glue, I used a template about 4"x3"} 

Removed the top section of the 5th page, and take a further ¼ inch from each side as shown in the pic.


Glue pages 1 and 2 together {both solid pages}, Pages 3 and 4 together {both with holes}

And finally pages 5 and 6, So you should end up with 3 pages in total at this stage. 
Paint all the edges {I used white fresco paint}


Take your chosen paper from the collection {I used SD1004} and cover the front-back, I just cut a strip from a sheet of 12x12 the height of the book {5½" x 12"} and trimmed the overlapping edges once stuck in place.

I actually forgot to take pic before decorating but you get the gist


Take a contrasting paper {I used SD1005} and cover the inside cover and first page, again using the same sized strip of paper as used on the outside.
From behind {and on a cutting surface} slice a cross in the paper that covers the hole, snip edges and stick as shown in the pic below. 
Add some of the same paper from the front in the last page gap, and also cut a piece of acetate {or packaging as I've used} the same size making sure it moves up and down freely in the channel.
Glue the middle and back page.
Place the acetate into the channel.
You now have a photo frame.

Use Stickers from kit and a white pencil/ neoII crayon round the stickers and blend in with finger, This beds them onto the page for a nicer finish.

Decorate the front and your done.
I used some of the lace, tiny holographic ric-rak and pink roses from the kit, along with scraps left over from the papers used. But hay you can jazz yours up any way you like.


I hope you have enjoyed todays offering
I'll be back later in the week with another xo