Monday, 29 August 2011

Product Review .... Distress Stains

Good morning everyone ... This week two of the DT will be giving a product review on items they have been sent in their DT kits. I chose to kick off the product review with Distress Stains. How do Distress Stains work ... Well the Distress Stains are a fluid water based dye ideal for paper or other porous surfaces. The Distress Stains have a unique release system making them the perfect dye medium for larger surface areas. They come with a brushed nylon dabber top, when you first open them just press the dabber top down, this will release the spring valve ready for use. Distress Stains are now available in 37 colours!

You can achieve different effects with the stains .... layering the colour gives a more saturated look like the tag on the left. Spritzing with water gives you a more mottled effect like the tag in the centre and also lightens your colour. The newest releases of Distress Stains have a new colour addition called Picket Fence .... this in my opinion is something totally unique ... Picket Fence is a fluid based stain, but the difference with this stain is that it is opaque, you also need to shake the bottle well before each use as there is a mixing ball within. Picket Fence can be used as a basecoat for other stain colours or can be used ontop to change the look of existing colours as you can see on the tag on the right. Picket Fence gives your projects an antique white washed effect.

This tag has been inked with Distress Ink and Distress Stain ..... as you can see the Distress Ink gives a more softer/blended look to the tag when used inconjuction with the blending tool, the Distress Stain is a fluid version of the Distress Ink, when layered the stains give your project a more saturated look.

For me the Distress Stains are an excellent medium to work with, they are easy to apply and give you ultimate control in how much fluid you wish to apply to your projects. The possibilities are endless. Ranger's Creative Director Tim Holtz has created a video that explains pretty much everything you need to know about Distress Stains click HERE to see the master at work. Thanks for stopping by, watch out for Astrid's product review later in the week.