Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Product review for Black Shrink plastic

Black Shrink Plastic is a somewhat unusual product but very versatile and I love it for making charms and embellishments that go very well together with many of the popular Tim Holtz and 7 Gypsies ranges, they also fit perfectly with the new Bo Bunny Etc range (available from Snazzys soon!). It comes in packs of 6 sheets.
Those of you who have used shrink plastic before will know it is important to sand it down on one side. Well Snazzys’ shrink plastic sheets are pre-sanded on one side already, which makes it very easy to work with.

For those of you who are new to using shrink plastic, it can be a bit scary at first as the stuff crinkles and curls up on itself when heated and you may well think that it will just turn into a big mess. The great thing is, if you take care not to over heat it, it all sorts itself out like magic.There are clear instructions of how to work with it included in the packs. Hope you will give this a try. The sheets are available for the very reasonable price of £4.35 from Snazzys

Here are some projects that show the kind of thing you can do. All you will need is the shrink plastic, some stamps, metallic or light coloured inks and pens.

Here are some more examples of charms used to decorate a project and a set of buttons that could be a gift for a friend who's into sewing.

Tip: When using your heat gun to shrink the plastic, put your item in an empty shoebox or similar, to stop it flying away, also don’t hold the heat gun too close, to stop it from over heating. This one is very important, always cut any holes you may need for your charms or whatever before you shrink it. This bit of info is in the instructions, but I thought it would be good to mention it as it is easy to overlook.