Monday, 29 April 2013

Snazzy's DT Project showcasing the Gallerie Wrap Canvas (posted by Lesley)

Hello again Snazzy's visitors,

Wow, the months sure are flying and we're almost in May although the weather can't seem to make it's mind up, lol!

As you know, this month the DT kit is a Gallerie Wrap Canvas which includes frames that you can make up yourself AFTER you have done your artwork while the canvas is flat.  I would point out that any 3D elements would probably need to be attached after the frame has been constructed (as was my flower) but any painting, inking, stamping, stencilling etc., can all be done first.  This means that your design can go right to the edge of the canvas which will be wrapped round the sides of the frame.  Clear as mud? Never mind you'll see what I mean shortly.

I decided to go in a totally opposite direction to Gillian's fabulous project last week and my canvas is very clean and simple to look at.  I just hope my (leaves a lot to be desired) photography does it justice, lol!

There are several sizes you can make the frames into.  I chose the largest which is approx 31 cm x 20.5 cm. First of all I applied Grunge Paste mixed with a smidge of Crafty Notions Puff Paint through two different stencils (these were from my own stash but Snazzy's do stock a selection) in opposite corners of the canvas.  Keep in mind the canvas is flat at this point and I tried to judge it so that the design went right to the edges which would form the sides of the canvas when framed.  After heat setting this to make it puff and once I was sure it was completely set, I painted the whole canvas with a mix of small amounts of dusky mauve acrylic paints added to lots of white.  I knew that covering such a large piece of canvas I was never going to get a completely even colour so I didn't worry about that too much but just kept it as close as I could each time I had to mix a new batch.


I then used three different Chocolate Baroque flowers to stamp onto Grungepaper.  I really just wanted the outlines and I stamped two of each and then cut them out.  I painted the top side with the same shades as the canvas and the under side with the darkest colour in my mix except for the very bottom layer which I painted dark both sides.  I then ran each flower layer through an embossing folder to give them some texture and then rolled the edges of the petals before layering them together with glue, finally adding the metal heart (Snazzy's have a lovely selection of embellishments) to the centre.  I found the Grungepaper seemed to take and hold the embossing better once painted but unfortunately I couldn't get it to show on the photos.

These pics show how the texture paste designs continue over the sides of the canvas.

 This was partly an experiment with the Grunge Paste and Puff Paint because I wanted to see if it would 'bend' over the edges and it wasn't bad at all ............ thank goodness or that would have been one canvas wasted, lol!  There was a small amount of cracking but I think a bit more experimenting with ratios of GP to PP and I might even be able to eliminate it.

Using the elements in the kit, I constructed the frame onto the back of the canvas before fixing the flower to the front.
 In this instance because I wanted to rely on the texture for the design I resisted my usual inclination to use inks through stencils/masks followed by stamping but this method of using canvas would be brilliant to enable you to stamp, etc., round the sides.  I even resisted adding a focal quotation to this project because I wanted lots of empty space but I could easily do this at a later stage if desired.  For now I like it blank.

Because of the monochrome colour of this project I hope the photos aren't too boring.  In real life the texture is lovely.

Well that's it from me this time around.  Don't forget to leave a comment on Gillian's post HERE if you want to be in the draw for this kit and our Minxy will be here next week with her project ......... that's bound to be something interesting! 

Till next time

Sorry but I just realised I missed something ;-) !  I made a little stencil of my own with a piece of acetate and a long reach small hole punch so that I could add dots of texture round the top right area to tie it to the bottom left and I also added more dots to what became the bottom left side area.  I had to do a bit at a time drying the texture paste with a heat tool before going on to the next bit.  (Thanks Nicky for reminding me with your comment about the dots, lol!)