Saturday, 5 April 2014

DT Project #2 -Val - featuring Teresa Collins Save the Date

Photo 1

Hello again. Sorry to take so long to be back, the technology has failed me! As my camera has died I have been using my ipad to take photos. So far so good as the quality of the photos is better than with my camera even with my poor camera work. Next problem, how to load the photos here. I asked Mr Google and he said to download the Blogsy app and all would be well. Mmm can' t get the app to download!

Inspiration hit - email the photos from said ipad to my laptop then business as usual. First, security on my laptop is sending emails from my ipad to spam where I can't retrieve them as I don't have a spam folder. Back to Mr Google who says windows doesn't have spam folders so where the heck are my emails going to then! Next, laptop will not allow me to use the internet even though it agrees I am connected, three hours later I get as far as search screen but as soon as I ask for blogger it tells me it is not responding grrrrr! But wait, another hour later laptop is finally allowing Mr Google to search for Mr Blogger. False dawn as six and a half hours from switching on I am still not able to blog from my laptop so no photos.

I am going to write this post leave slots for the photos and edit them in when I can figure out what is going on with my laptop or how to download the requisite app to allow me to blog from the flash new ipad - blog without photos is a bit like eggs without the bacon I'm afraid!

After all that, somehow boringly, as the DT Kit is called Save the Date I have made a little book to hold all the planning ideas and as I had a leftover graphic 45 box I made the book to fit inside that so photos can be added and it can be kept as a decorative item for posterity.

Photo 2

Photo 3

There are 10 double pages which are below.......

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11 creating three sets of bound signatures which I then tied into the cover it seems to cope well with all the layers and leave room for any photos that might be added later - first time I have done this and it gives a really neat finish so I think it is something I will experiment with again.

So there we have it, a book in a box!

Photo 12

Many thanks for your patience - and if anyone out there understands my garbled problem and can tell me what I need to do to blog WITH PHOTOS directly from my ipad please, please, please feel free to enlighten me and I will try really hard not to fling it out the window in frustration meantime!

Mrs Laptop is heading for the laptop hospital first thing Monday but as she is a little past her sell by, (bit like her owner really), I may have to consider (ssh) a replacement - oh my, I hope it doesn't give the Headmaster ideas lol!