Friday, 8 November 2013


Hay Snazzy Gang, Minxy here 
I've been asked to do a little re-introduction of myself to kick start the brand new team who you will be meeting next week.
So here goes...

Hi my name is Nicky and i'm a craft-a-holic
I've been into making 'stuff' for as long as I can remember. I started with card making, then atc's and slowly progressed into mixed media, I've also dabbled in jewellery making, fabric art, and many other things in between,  i'm a very eclectic crafter, almost a jekyll and hyde type, going from inky painty stampy grunge to pretty cute and shabby chic.
I've been blogging as The Altered Inker since 2005. But have 2 other blogs, 'Adorable Overdose' which was when I went through my cute phaze in 2007 and more recently {this year} 'The Shabby Palace' which is my shabby chic blog, All of which are linked from my main blog.
I also make utube vids under both The Altered Inker & The Shabby Palace.
Now for something a wee bit more personal...
I live in somerset with my OH Tony of 8 years and my 2 black rescue kitties Wallace & Gromit. I'm originally a londoner and i've battled with depression most of my life.
I'm a shy crazy friendly person with a very sarcastic sense of humor, and I love sharing my craftiness and craziness with the world.
So that's me in a nutshell

I would like to welcome each of the new DT members to the team and I look forward to getting to know each of you better over the coming months, And to welcome all newcomers to the blog too, I hope I can inspire you to make art xo
I'll see you on the 25th with my latest project.
Stay Inky