Monday, 25 November 2013

DT Project #1 by Minxy, Featuring:

Graphic 45 '12 Days of Christmas'

Hay Snazzy Gang
And welcome to my first project of the week.
I knew as soon as I saw the papers that I wanted to make an advent type calendar but I really wanted to showcase the lovely matching stamps so I opted for a 12 day calendar and came up with this

My aussie friend Jen had just done a wonderful live stream on a square version, which you can check out HERE. She is a very talented paper crafter.

For the tree above I used 12 outside boxes which are 6 ³/8" squared, which you will score each side at 2 ¹/8"
And 12 inside boxes which are 6" squared, which you score each side at 2".
I just used a thick card {about 250gsm} for my construction.

 I cut along the score lines {marked with red above} and folded the boxes, Gluing only the outside set at this stage, Once all 12 outside boxes are done I assembled them, {you can do it any way you like but I thought the tree was nice and festive} just make sure that the thicker edges are all on top/ bottom, as when you place in the draws the thick edges will be at the left/right and it will fit perfectly, and look equal.

Once my tree was assembled I used some washi tape to cover all the edges.
I then picked out 2 contrasting papers from the 8x8 G45 pad and cut out 10 x 2" squares for the upright sides {a light pattern}, 3 x 2" squares {dark pattern} for the 2 undersides and top, and 6 1x2" sized pieces for the thinner tops.

I decorated each edge with paper flowers and die-cut holly. I also used some of the G45 stickers to add more detail to the sides, And one of the G45 double sided cardstock pieces for the top.

For the draws I cut out another 12 2x2" squares, again from one of the lighter G45 papers
I stamped each piece with 1 of the Hampton Art matching numbered stamps, first in fern green archival, then over in black to give a slight shadow effect. {done roughly by eye}

I then trimmed each one down to fit the draw front box, inked all the edges with vintage photo distress ink and stuck in place as the thin black line shows below
 I used a small circle punch to make a semicircle {shown in red} as the draw pull, assembled them all and there you have it. One complete advent calendar.

If you wanted to make 24 day tree you would just have to make 2 and place them back to back.

I hope you like todays offering, and you've understood my ramblings!
I'll be back on thursday with another fun idea for you to try.
Till Then..Stay Inky


snazzyoriginal said...

Great project, beautifully finished and with a really useful 'how to' as well! At this time of year there are lots of premade advent calendar blanks available but they tend to be quite pricey - this is a simple yet versatile idea you can adapt to suit xx

Maryann Laursen said...

Wonderful project here, it loks fabulous Minxy, and it was totally easy to understand your rambling ha ha ha. It´s a really cool project, that I´m definitely putting behind in my memory for a later use, that´s for sure.

Sandy Jones said...

Just WOW you know i love it :) xx
Thanks 4 sharing x <3

LadyofLostTimes said...

Just ordered that whole paper line an stamps so I will be defiantly be making one of these!

butterfly said...

Both the papers and the stamps are lovely, and this showcases them beautifully - wow, great make!
Alison x

Astrid Maclean said...

OMG, this is so, so cool!! You have totally inspired me to make one of these for my grand daughter (even tho she is way to young still). I LOVE this!!! Fabulous make!

Helen said...

Brilliant design, it looks amazing and will be sturdy enough to keep for years. Looking forward to the next project..

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is just amazing, Minxy! I really must get those bigger stamps as they stand out so well. This is something you could bring out year after year and as Val says, the pre-made ones are so expensive. I can't possibly compete with what you and Val have made!

Lucy x

Missusg said...

fabulous job Minxy!!! i love all the little details!

craftimamma said...

Hi Nicky! I'm late with my comment but had to come back and say what an amazing Advent Christmas tree idea this is. I love it and as always it's constructed with your usual skill and attention to detail. Beautifully embellished too!

Lesley Xx

Ricki LeBlanc said...

Very cool and so unique!