Thursday, 24 May 2012

DT Project #2 by Minxy : Featuring:

Pan Pastels
It's me again.. 
As promised i'm here with another project
But instead of a load of words and pictures i've done a utube.. So
Sit Back
and Enjoy x

The size of the canvas I used was 9" x 12".
Any questions please feel free to ask in the comments and i'll do my best to help x
Oh and don't forget one lucky person could win some pan pastels just by leaving a comment HERE
Stay Inky


Anonymous said...

Fab canvas & thanks for the great video.

Helen said...

I love it! Beautiful canvas and the video was great fun.

craftimamma said...

This was great Nicky! Loved the video and the canvas.

Lesley Xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Fab video and love the finished canvas!!

Paula (PEP) said...

Brilliantly informative - so helpful seeing how you cleaned the applicators between colours & how the pastels come in little tubs which can then be put in the palette tray; I'd envisionaged cakes of pastel sitting in the trays & assumed the cakes would come wrapped without a container. I've never seen them so am itching to get to one of the autumn shows, hopefully ArtStamps Wales.
Paula (PEP)

Gina said...

I love the speed, the project and product visuals! Alleviates a lot of questions and showed how you did it! Great job, Nicky!

Disco Queen said...

Hi Minxy, Loved the video. The speed was perfect. The canvas is inspired. I love the way you used a mask & filler then panpastels rather than painting in acrylic.

Redanne said...

An absolutely brilliant video Minxy, love the pace of it, I thought the background was lovely but when you used those different colours on the tree it just brought the whole thing to life. Wonderful. Anne x

Ann B said...

Thanks for the video, would never have thought of using pastels over collaged paper. A great project.

Ann B

snazzyoriginal said...

Brilliant video, loved the canvas especially the Spackle through the stencil xx

Gillian .... said...

Great work Nicky and a really enjoyable tutorial video. xx

Bella said...

The video was just brilliant. Loved how I saw the canvas "grow". I am new to Pans so this was fantastic. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Craftychris said...

Fabulous video, so many tips on how to use the pastels. The canvas is gorgeous - thank you loads for giving us so much inspiration xx