Monday, 19 March 2012

DT Project #1 by Minxy : Featuring

7DotStudios 'Wonderland' Collection Papers & Stickers 

Hiya Snazzy Folks
This month as you know we have had the wonderland papers to play with and boy oh boy are they lush, But with such lovely paper comes the thought that you have to cut it and maybe cover it up with other elements.. those paper treasurers out there will know what I mean. So I wanted to make something that showed as much of the pattern on the paper as possible. 
So I came up with this:
It's a old tin can, And a fairly simple project to do.

I cut my piece of 12x12 paper {mushroom & smoke} into 3 equal sections as the tin was 2 large for the sheet to just wrap around, plus it looked nicer.
I got out the sewing machine and zigzag stitched the 3 pieces together, overlapping each piece and making sure the piece would wrap around the tin with an overlap at the end.
Finishing the piece was a little tricky as I had to hand pierce with a poky tool & stitch the open sides after it was on the tin, which I did by loosely stitching and then pulling tight once it was in place.

Then to finish I added some of the wonderland stickers, and outlined them with complimentary colours of neoII pastels and rubbed in so they almost blend into the background.

And hay presto, You have a fun funky pot for your supplies to sit in.
I hope you have enjoyed my little project for today, I'll be back on wednesday with more wonderland fun.
Till then Stay Inky


Deborah said...

Love the paper - and the upcycled can.

Sandy jones said...

Again nicki you rock that paper,love that you left lots of it look at,


PS,,, CAN I HAVE IT :) :)

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...what a marvelous've shown the papers off beautifully and excellent stitchwork, a very skillful hand...Mel :)

Helen said...

Love how you've stitched the paper together round the tin. I too, can't bear to cut mine (yet..)

Astrid Maclean said...

Great idea Nicky and I love how the word stixkers work with it so well! Great project!!

snazzyoriginal said...

Great upcycle project - know exactly what you mean about cutting these papers lol! Very patient to do all that hand piercing & stitching tho' xx

Gina said...

Great job, Nicky! Don't know that I would have had the patience to truss that baby up once it was on the can, lol. Kind of like fastening a wedding dress!

Pat said...

Love this project. These papers are really great

Bella said...

I need to make something like this for my calligraphy pens...great idea, though I don't think I will be sewing mine...

Gillian .... said...

Great idea and to add the stitching element was genius, definitely know I wouldn't have the patience to do that lol. x

craftimamma said...

Fab use of these gorgeous papers. ~They really are stunning designs and this shows it off perfectly. Like everyone else I'm in awe of your stitching and I definitely would not have the patience for the hand pricking and stitching ..... like lacing up a corset, lol!

Snashing project Nicky.

Lesley Xx