Saturday, 21 January 2012

DT Project #5 by Minxy : Featuring:

:7 Dot Studio 'Dreamer' Collection

Well here I am with my final project of the month.. It's been an amazing intro to the team and I just want to thank everyone for the warm welcomes, support and kind comments.
So I mentioned yesterday that today's project was somehow related to the book I made.. 
And now you can see how!
It's a cute little bag to home your little book. This makes the perfect little gift for someone special.
So how do you make said bag I hear you cry.. Well you CLICK HERE and you'll be whisked off to another of my videos where I show you.. that's how!
The bag in the photo above actually turned out to be a bit small once my book was all filled up so in the video I give correct measurement to make a more fitting size bag.
And after the video I jazzed the new bag up a bit, with a few of the 'dreamer' collection stickers.. which by the way if I haven't mentioned before are a really good quality, nice a thick. I outlined each sticker with an oil pastel and rubbed in to blend the sticker into the background.
So that's it from me.. Don't forget to pop back in a day or 2 when the lovely Astrid will be sharing more lovely projects to inspire you. And then there is a little challenge at the end of the month which you won't want to miss!
So till next time..Stay Inky


Astrid Maclean said...

Great final project Nicky! It would indeed make such a cool gift, - love your bag!!

Aquarius said...

That lovely bag is just right for the little book and wit would make a great gift. Brilliant first DT projects for Snazzy

Bella said...

awesome little bag. Off to make one now before I forget how!

Anonymous said...

Great projects Nicky, loved your videos too. Where are those papers from , I can't seem to find them? Probably just me!

Pat Beaumont said...

great projects Nicky - love your work

Gillian .... said...

Wonderful finalie to your 1st week, thanks so much for sharing your "how to make" vids, inspiring stuff. x

craftimamma said...

Brilliant last project to your first DT week Nicky! Fabulous way of presenting your little book and turning it into an even more special gift idea.

Lesley Xx

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...Hi...your work is awesome, such inspirational designs and delicious colourways...Mel :)

Minxy said...

Julia, the papers are available through snazzy's just give them a call x they are hoping to have there online shop up and running next month with any luck

Kirsten Alicia said...

The bag is gorgeous, off to watch the video.